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Join The Florida Lawsuit

Thanks for helping preserve our first ammendment rights! Meyer v Grant is the caselaw that we are applying to eliminate the UNCONSTITUTIONAL pay per signature prohibition.  We need all circulators who are tired of the hourly wage nonsense which hurts our jobs, costs us money, and makes it harder to coordinate and be a successful petitioner to join the movement by clicking this link, printing it out, reading it and emailing it back to us filled out.

Email to:


Also please fill out the google form by clicking this link or click on the link below.


Our attorney Paul Rossi will reimburse every circulator who does this $10 for their time and dedication to fighting for our rights as circulators.  Lets get over 100 professional petitioners to join the movement.  Please share this link to facebook and all the groups and tag your friends!!!!  THIS IS ONLY THE FIRST OF MANY MORE STATES.

Individual Affidavit - Please print, fill out, and email.

Florida Complaint

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